Successful Breastfeeding

There’s more than one way to feed an infant, but if you’ve decided to feed your newborn breastmilk you’re in the right place for education, support, and resources.

Ashley has worked with hundreds of breastfeeding families over the years and recognizes that there’s only one real rule about breastfeeding:


She’s helped mothers who exclusively pump, mothers who use SNS, families who use donor milk and mothers who donate. Ashley has supported gender non-conforming and queer families, mothers of multiples, and mothers transitioning back to the workplace. She supports those who provide breastmilk exclusively as well as those who provide donated and moms using artificial breastmilk.

Ashley is a seasoned lactation counselor and breastfeeding educator, working since 2004 to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals.

comprehensive breastfeeding & lactation support

Breastfeeding is as much a headgame as it is a physiological and neurological mechanism by which you can feed your bebe. Exhaustion, mythic expectations, and outdated advice can make something you’ve been told is “natural” a complete nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be such a mess. 

You’ve done hard things before. You’re going to rock this, too.