Five Star Postpartum Meal Plan+Prep in DFW

Your to-do’s are nearly ta-da’s. You’ve done a lot of planning and prepping. And you’re pretty sure you’re ready for this bebe.

You’ve got her room ready, your camera batteries are all charged to capture that first smile, and you’ve picked the perfect postpartum recovery and loungewear. But what about that first meal after the birth?

ProTip: After your birth YOU WILL BE RAVENOUS

Do not look back upon this momentous occasion to see hospital grade turkey on wheat hanging from your pearly whites as they feverishly grind every last calorie out of that warm lettuce.


Coming home to a calm, collected nest is a cornerstone of the Welcome Home, bebe! partnership. This includes a healthy, well-stocked kitchen full of fresh, ready-to-eat foods in reusable, easy-to-clean containers. This means shopping lists, an organized pantry, and cabinets and shelves stocked with nutritious foods you love that are easy for anyone to grab-and-go-forth with family-feeding bliss. This includes instructions for your friends and family to shop, prep, and feed you food that you’ll actually eat.

What happens when you get home? 

You need to eat. Your infant needs to eat. Maybe there’s a really helpful sweetie snuggled up with you and that bebe, and he needs to eat too. But sometimes you’ll forget how long it’s been since you ate more than granola. And your friends are going to forget that you have allergies and intolerances. And one day the casseroles are going to stop showing up on your doorstep. 

infants + new parents get hungry

Let Ashley help you get your kitchen squared away before your birth. You’ll customize a meal plan that is just for you, your family, your food – that you like to eat. Want an Ayurvedic complement to your meal planning? We can do that. Managing a special diet with your Doctor? We can share tools to make that easier. Ready to get your already-busy life on track so you can be the healthiest version of YOU for your dynamic family? 

Let Ashley put your kitchen on auto-pilot

The magic happens when we put planning, preparing, and plucking together in your fridge and pantry. We’ll use tools to get you on the right track for managing a post-bebe-haze kitchen, complete with support for busy schedules and healthy meals. And until you’re ready to rock it on your own, Ashley takes care of it for you.

You can choose from one of Ashley’s Postpartum Meal Planning Packages, attend a Meal Planning for Busy Moms workshop, or contact Ashley to curate a custom experience in your kitchen today.