bebe&me Yoga & TaiChi

prenatal+bebe&ME Yoga & Tai Chi

Taught to women at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, fathers and caregivers are invited and bebes can begin any time. 

prenatal_postpartum_ yoga_taichi_fortworth_dallasbebe&ME Yoga is a nurturing and strengthening practice, incorporating a mixture of postures and breathing techniques taught to women at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. Bebe can begin any time, and tend to enjoy the class until they are crawling. Please feed your infant any time during class in the studio and change baby’s diaper any time, too. In fact, this class helps baby work up an appetite: making impressive diapers, and sleep, sleep, sleep! Please wear your bebe in an infant carrier or bring a blanket for her to lie atop. 

bebe&ME Tai Chi emphasizes the development of strength, balance, and motion coordinated with breathing. The movements are circular in nature, bringing relaxation and a sense of calm to mother and bebe. The practive of Tai Chi has been shown to have extensive health benefits for both the body and the brain, and can be done seated, standing, and walking. A typical class will consist of stretching, warmup, and exercises which cultivate flexibility, proper posture, breathing, coordination, balance, and expression of power in technique. We encourage all infants in attendance to be secured in a carrier.


4 class pass $56
8 class pass $108
Yoga & Tai Chi may be combined