I’m Ashley. I’m a doula. I can help.

cropped-greenscreen4upface.jpgYou’re home.

You’re together.

You’re a family.

What now?

I  know how good you’re going to be at this. And I know you need some help.

…and some sleep. and a snack. and maybe a shower.

Beginning with the magical hour following birth and defining all the details the 4th Trimester will expect you to expertly manage, my specialty is supporting families as they navigate the Mind-Body Connections, Developmental Milestones, and Practical Management of the 4th Trimester. 

I can help you welcome your newborn with calm, comfortable confidence.

I provide education, support, and trust that will empower your innate abilities to nourish each other during the early weeks of your parenting journey. Keeping you fed and well-rested, providing pro-tips for greening up your nest, anticipating the fitness and nutrition needs of your changing body and family, that’s what our partnership brings to your family in your earliest days home.

Whether you’re joining me for a parenting preparation workshop, reaching out for breastfeeding support, joining other moms to get meal planning under control, or maintaining your sanity thanks to my unparalleled postpartum doula services, support after your birth is just as vital to your success & satisfaction as support during your birth.

Learner. Teacher. Doer. Doula.
I teach a bunch of classes. I cheer families on. I bebewhisper.
I help other women begin their doula careers.
I try to give a little more than I get. And sometimes I cuss when I’m doing it. 

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